Graduate School of Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities, which is administered by the Faculty of Humanities, offers a total of seven programs: History, Japanese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Socio-Cultural Studies, and Education and Clinical Psychology. All of these programs have a master's degree program, and with the exception of Socio-Cultural Studies, they also include a doctoral program.

The Graduate School offers an educational experience that is designed to foster the development of educators, researchers, and professionals with a free but critical spirit and a broad outlook, as well as members of the mass media, civil servants, and other professionals, by embracing and extending the methodology of the humanities, which encompass humans and human society. All programs adopt the same fine-grained approach to instruction, in which faculty members and graduate students interact in a one-on-one setting, in order to further deepen what students learned as undergraduates while fostering sure judgment, critical ability, and information-gathering skills based on advanced knowledge.

Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law, which is dedicated to endowing students with advanced, specialized knowledge and skills related to law and political science, accepts a variety of applicants by such means as a standard admission examination, an admission examination for working adults, and an admission examination for international exchange students.

The Graduate School consists of Public Law and Civil and Criminal Law programs, each of which has its own curriculum. Study is built around small, highly interactive lectures and seminars to provide the education and research students seek in order to prepare them to contribute to society as researchers, civil servants, judicial scriveners, tax accountants, and certified social insurance and labor consultants

The master's program is open to working students as well via night lectures.

Graduate School of Economics

The purpose of this school is to produce professionals equipped with the research skills and specialized knowledge of economics needed to resolve problems faced by society and to contribute academically. The school accepts students from overseas as well as Japan.

Graduate School of Commerce

The Graduate School of Commerce, which is dedicated to providing students with a high level of academic knowledge and outstanding skills so that they can create new societies, actively accepts a variety of motivated students and offers a curriculum that meets their needs.

Graduate School of Science

The School is dedicated to training specialists who can contribute to the robust development of a society that coexists in harmony with nature through research into the natural sciences and who combine deep, comprehensive knowledge with advanced research skills. The master's degree program fosters knowledge in specialized fields along with the ability to apply it, while the doctoral degree program cultivates the ability to carry out research in an independent manner.

Graduate School of Engineering

The Graduate School of Engineering's six master's degree programs, which are listed below, are dedicated to preparing students to pursue careers in research and development of state-of-the-art engineering technologies. The doctoral program, which consists of two majors, is dedicated to preparing students to contribute to society by endowing them with a broad perspective that will allow them to propose new solutions to a variety of technological problems.

Graduate School of Medical Sciences

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences is dedicated to fostering research skills and preparing students to work as researchers who can conduct deep research into specific specialized fields and as physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who possess exceptional skills as clinical researchers.

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is dedicated to making a broad contribution to medicine through far-reaching instruction and research into theory and practice in the pharmaceutical sciences. To that end, it strives to prepare students for careers as pharmacists who help make advanced medicine available to patients, researchers who pioneer the future of the pharmaceutical sciences, and other leaders in the field.

Graduate School of Sports and Health Science

The Graduate School of Sports and Health Science is dedicated to training specialists who can practice and apply scientific leadership based on advanced knowledge and skills in the Master's degree program and to training researchers who carry out independent research activities in specialized areas in the Doctoral degree program.